Reviewing the Vice Cosmetics lip oils – should you give them a try?

*NOTE: This is not a branded article. I purchased these lip oils through an online shopping platform, with my own money, and decided to give my honest opinion about them. Hope you’ll enjoy what I have to say about these products.

Unless you were living under a rock these past few years, you’d know that lip oils are all the rage in the makeup industry today. Brands like Dior, Fenty Beauty, and most recently Rare Beauty, have each created their own version of the in-demand lip product. In fact, the fashion and lifestyle website In Style explains that Rare Beauty’s lip oils are “bound to sell out” due to its popularity with the makeup and beauty community.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that local makeup brands like Vice Cosmetics have also jumped on the trend and created their own line of lip oil products.

Introducing the Vice Cosmetics Perfect Kizz Lip Oils.

According to the brand’s Shopee store, the Perfect Kizz Lip Oils are “high-shine lip oils [that] are infused with sweet almond oil to soothe and hydrate the lips for a healthy, juicy lip lewk (look).” They also reportedly come with a “plumping variant” that can emphasise your lips and make them appear fuller.

These lip oils come in three types, namely Kendi Glaze, I Lava Yew, and Dynamint. For this review, I’ll be going through each kind of lip oil and giving my opinion on them.

Kendi Glaze

The Kendi Glaze lip oil is the brand’s tinted pink variant. It comes with a sweet, candy-like smell and gives a light pink shade to the lips.

What I like about this particular variant is that the smell is very pleasant and addicting. It kind of reminds me of the strawberry-flavoured lollipops that you can buy at the drug store or supermarket––a reminder of my childhood when my parents would indulge me with these candies (definitely nostalgic).

Plus, its light pink hue gives the lips a little bit of colour in the most natural way. It’s not over-the-top and it’s not too understated that you won’t notice you’re still wearing the gloss.

Of the three, this one is definitely my favourite and one I recommend everyone to try first if they’re considering buying the lip oil.

I Lava Yew

I Lava Yew is the makeup brand’s second lip oil variant. It comes with a glittery finish and gives off a (very) subtle yellow hue on the lips.

Unfortunately, this one is my least favourite of the three lip oils. The reason for this is that I found the smell of the product very off-putting. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it other than like a wilted rose scent––not a fan of it.

Other than the smell, the product does apply well and gives off a nice glittery finish on the lips, which is perfect if you’re planning to apply the oil above your matte lipstick.


Dynamint is the brand’s third lip oil variant. Although it appears blue in the container, the lip oil gives the lips a clear, gloss finish and comes with a mint scent.

What’s nice about this variant is that the added minty scent gives a cooling sensation, which feels great on the lips. It’s also clear, which means you can apply it over any lipstick shade to give it a glossy look.

Performance as a lip oil

As a lip oil, these three variants do their job well.

First, these items provide enough shine to give the lips a fuller and more put-together look.

Second, the lip oil formula feels very sheer and light and does not feel sticky on the lips––making it ideal to wear under your mask when you’re going out of the house.

Third and more importantly, these lips oils feel hydrating to the lips. Not once did I feel my lips feel dry or crack while wearing the product, which is a major bonus to this item.

However, what I do find that is lacking in this lip oil is the longevity. There were a few times I needed to re-apply this product on my lips because they came off during the course of the day.

Overall, I’d give these lip oils a solid 7/10.

The question remains though, can this local brand of lip oils compare to the popular, international ones?

Now, I can’t speak for brands like Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty (since I have yet to try their lip oils) but I can compare it the Dior Lip Glow Oil, which is in my possession and is an item that I have been using for quite some time now.

Let’s discuss the differences:

First of all, the Dior lip oil has a vastly different price point compared to the Vice Cosmetics lip oil. In the Dior store, the lip oil amounts to 2,500 PHP while the Perfect Kizz Lip Oil costs only 195 PHP. The Dior lip oil is clearly a luxury item, while the Vice Cosmetics lip oil is an affordable lip product.

Second, the two products have different formulas and I think this makes a huge difference in the longevity of the product on the lips. For example, the Lip Glow Oil, from my experience, is more long-lasting in the lips and requires less re-application compared to the Perfect Kizz Oil.

It’s also good to note that it’s because of this formula that Dior has been such a hit with the online beauty community. According to an article by Byrdie, the reason for Dior’s lip oil success is because it has met the needs of the younger generation––which includes quality ingredients such as cherry oil.

I mention these differences not to undermine or uplift one brand from another but to compare them. And in my opinion, the Dior Lip Glow Oil is still the better lip oil between the two.

However, if you’re tight on a budget and are just looking for a hydrating, glossy lip oil that can give your lips the plumping effect, then the Vice Cosmetics Perfect Kizz Oil can be your go-to product since it is still a very solid lip oil.


Hopefully, this review gives you an insight into this local makeup brand’s lip oil products and can help you decide whether or not you would like to try it out.

Until the next blog!


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