I bought a few sustainable jewelry pieces online–and here’s what I think of them

I first learned about sustainable jewelry back in 2018, when I came across a news report that said Twilight actress Nikki Reed partnered with Dell to create a line of accessories made from recycled computer parts. Curious to understand how this could even be possible, I started to do further research on this topic. It was only then that I discovered the existence of sustainable jewelry. I then began to understand that it was more than just recycling discarded, old pieces of gold and silver–it was also about processing the source materials in an ethical and more environmentally-conscious manner. 

With this in mind, I became intrigued with the concept of sustainable jewelry and was definitely on the lookout for stores that supplied this type of accessory.

How I probably looked like scrolling through my feed in search of sustainable jewelry pieces 😂  Via GIPHY

Then, just last year, I came across a Facebook advertisement for Penny Pairs. There, I discovered that the brand not only offered a variety of cute, stackable earrings but they also had a line of sustainable jewelry. And when they released their “Buy One, Get One at 30% Off” Mother’s Day promo earlier this month, I decided to purchase a few of their sustainable jewelry items for myself. 

Here’s what I thought about their sustainable jewelry pieces: 

On Packaging 

When the package arrived at my residence, I was pleasantly surprised to see the words written on the “plastic”. It read, “this [is a] 100% biodegradable cornstarch bag.” And my excitement only continued to grow when I opened the bag and found that my order was wrapped with honeycomb bamboo paper–an eco-friendly alternative to the typical bubble wrap packaging. 

So, right off the bat, the brand was already taking the initiative to reduce plastic waste by using a compostable bag and a biodegradable protective covering (major plus points IMO). 

After unwrapping the bamboo wrapper, I then found a plain white, canvas zipper pouch. The contents of this pouch included the two jewelry pieces I ordered–each stored in an individual pull-out box and pink pouch–and two information cards that discussed details about the items and how it impacted the environment. 

I particularly appreciated the brown card as it had Spinach seeds ingrained inside; thereby allowing you to plant the card once you’re done reading through it.

Moreover, the pull-out boxes seem to be very strong and sturdy–assuring the products’ protection while in transit–and the small pink pouches make for easy storage (especially when you want to pack these pieces up for travelling).

On the sustainable jewelry items 

Now, the items I have ordered are the following: one (1) Flora Gold Necklace and one (1) Mini Baguette Ring (Gold). So, with this, I’ll be starting off with the necklace… 

The Flora Gold Necklace was stored in the bigger box and featured a 1 centimeter (cm) cubic zirconia flower pendant. The necklace chain is 39 cm-long but can be extended to 44 cm depending on your desired length. 

Upon closer inspection, the item seems to be very sturdy, with the cubic zirconia stones firmly placed inside the pendant and the necklace chain strong. The item is also very shiny and would honestly make you wonder if it is really made out of 100% recycled silver! (It is though, according to the website’s product description).  

And what I like best about it is its extendable chain that allows you to layer it with other gold-colored necklaces to achieve a more chic look. 

The gold-colored Mini Baguette Ring was also a stunning piece of jewelry. It featured a slim 10k gold-coated silver band and a small, rectangular cubic zirconia stone. It even has an “open back” to allow you to adjust the size if you need to.

Also, since the stone isn’t too big and imposing, you can even choose to wear it together with your other rings. It really is the perfect piece for everyday wear!

Overall, I am very happy with the sustainable jewelry pieces I have ordered. Both items are very dainty and work well with my other pieces of jewelry. And just by looking at them both, I would have never even have thought that they were made out of recycled materials–further proving the excellent quality of these items.  

On pricing  

Penny Pairs prides themselves in providing “affordable, well-made jewelry,” as stated in their website. Although their items are well-made (based on what I’ve seen in my recent purchases), I would have to disagree with the idea that it’s affordable. 

Of course, the concept of affordability differs from person to person. But personally, I would consider the brand a bit higher-priced than other “everyday wear” jewelry shops. 

Because an affordable piece of jewelry, for me, would be one that ranges from 100 to 500 Philippine Pesos (PHP), but the items I purchased here each went over 800 PHP–to be exact, the necklace costed 2,399 PHP and the ring amounted to 839.30 PHP (original price was 1,199 PHP but I got it at a lower price because of the discount). 

Wait, it’s how much? Via GIPHY

So, even though I don’t doubt the quality of the items they make, I do warn you that it’s also not as cheap as you think it is. 

My overall assessment 

Through it all, I absolutely do not regret the sustainable jewelry pieces I bought from the shop. I would also definitely consider buying more from them in the future… but only when my budget would allow it. 

My thoughts exactly. Via GIPHY

If you want to know more about the brand’s sustainable jewelry initiative, you can check out the Penny Pairs website. And to better understand the concept of sustainable jewelry (in detail), I suggest visiting Sustainable Jungle.


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